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Posted 26 Feb 2019 by Paul
Pretty sure in the past I have aborted a wu or two that showed 100% completed with a run time in the days. But not in the past few months, I've not closely monitored this project.
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Posted 8 Jan 2019 by Paul
We updated the project to provide vboxwrapper_26200 for Windows.

Well done! Waiting for more substantial queue

So the wu's are playing nicely now for me. I have been using an app_config file to limit the wu's to 4 on an I7 with 16Gb ram. I changed it to 6 and nanohub works with 4 wu's and 2 waiting on memory. This is a big step forward.
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Posted 27 Nov 2018 by Paul
On Windows all tasks are ending into an error with your current vboxwrapper version 198.

When I use vboxwrapper_26200_windows_x86_64.exe, all tasks succeed.

I've reduced the needed memory from 3072 to 2048 for this test.

Did you reset the project to get a different wrapper, or was in inclusive of new wu's?
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : WU's Marked as MT WU's ? (Message 73)
Posted 17 Nov 2018 by Paul
Received some Wu's yesterday that said they were MT Wu's, problem is they were running 8 at a time on a 8 Core CPU in HT Mode. System was completely bogged down to the point I had to keep rebooting it to get it to run. Finally just deleted them all to keep the system running other Projects ...

Windows Pro 64 Bit with Intel 3700K CPU ...

Same situation here, downloaded 465 wu's, · Valid (17) · Invalid (4) · Error (474) Client is locked up, I let it sit locked up overnight just to see if work was being done, all available memory is used, and windows 10 is locked up.on this host

Suspending project until I can actually beta test it.

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