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1) Message boards : News : Maintenance complete (Message 667)
Posted 22 Nov 2020 by mikey
When should we plan on getting more work again?

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : WU always fail or takes many hours (Message 638)
Posted 2 Oct 2020 by mikey
WU fail continuosly.
I tried Nanohub with latest versions of BOINC, latest virtualbox included on official Boinc website, on two different machines (one with i5-4590K, one with Ryzen 1700), but nanoHUB WU fails continuosly. Tried also many versions of VirtualBox, but nothing change. WU sometimes immediately fail (after, for example, 5-10 seconds), or are being elaborate to a certain point (expected 25min, but taking from 2 to 5 hours) then fail.

There is something bad going on with WU or im really unlucky with my machines?

Actually some complete just fine:
9767929 7667164 1 Oct 2020, 9:41:17 UTC 1 Oct 2020, 12:35:27 UTC Completed and validated 3,561.33 3,475.50 8.09 boinc2docker v1.14 (vbox64_mt)

But yes most fail, loking at the valid ones they seem to be run with the latest version of VBox, so you might want to go thru and remove all the old versions and start fresh with the latest one. Also every unit on your Ryzien based cpu fails but you do have valid ones on the Intel based pc, you might want to just stick with that one right now.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : VirtualBox 5.1 and Windows 10 2004 (Message 635)
Posted 1 Oct 2020 by mikey
It works!!
Windows 10 and VirtualBox 6.1.8!!

I have some badges to get!!!

Badges? What for? Not in this project might get a WuProp star for it though.

That's what I was talking about...WUProp badges.

It would be nice to get some Project badges here too though!! I'm sure there are plenty of people who can come up with something Project specific yet fits into the Boinc system.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : VirtualBox 5.1 and Windows 10 2004 (Message 628)
Posted 26 Sep 2020 by mikey
It works!!
Windows 10 and VirtualBox 6.1.8!!

I have some badges to get!!!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : VirtualBox 5.1 and Windows 10 2004 (Message 620)
Posted 11 Sep 2020 by mikey
With the latest version of Windows 10 (2004), VirtualBox 5.1.x cannot start with this message:

"It's not possible to run this app in this device.
Virtual Box
This app cannot be run because it causes security or performance issues in Windows. A new version may be available. Contact your software provider to get an updated app to run on this version of Windows".

So the Project either updates their app or they will lose ALOT of crunchers, hopefully this will be the straw that causes them to update!!
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Message: VM VM Hypervisor failed to enter an online state in a timely fashion (Message 614)
Posted 24 Aug 2020 by mikey
In BOINC settings, are you allowing enough memory to be used? I set it to 95%.

The memory usage was 90%, so I'm going to increase it.

I usually limit it to a maximum of 8 work units at a time

How can I do it?

Something like this except I'm not sure the <name> or <app_name> is correct:





The above would run 1 workunit at a time, the <max_concurrent> part, and then use 14 cpu cores for each task, the <cmdline> part.

You would place this file in C:\program data\Boinc\projects\(thenanohubfolder), to do that copy and paste it into Notepad, I don't know Linux so this is for Windows, and save the file as app_config.xml in the folder. Be sure Notepad does NOT append .txt on the end when it saves it, it has a habit of doing that, and then in the Boinc Manager go to Options, read config files. and Boinc should find it, check the Event Log under Tools to make sure and that it doesn't have an error other than 'app not found' if you do not have any nanhub workunits. The change will apply when you get new tasks from the Server NOT to any existing tasks.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Nanohub and wrapper (Message 610)
Posted 24 Aug 2020 by mikey
As such, and since most of the other projects I'm involved with require an updated v6+ VBox, sadly I'll have to go "no new tasks" with this project until this new wrapper is adopted.

I use VirtualBox 5.2.42 on several Ubuntu 18.04.4 machines on Cosmology and LHC, as well as nanoHUB. It usually causes fewer problems than 6.x from the reports I have seen. It seems that the extra delay in VBox 6.x causes "file not found" and similar errors.

I have used 5.2.x on Win7 64-bit without problems also. I don't recall a project where it did not work, but you must know of something.

VBox changed the naming convention of their files in the 6 series and that's the problem, the older apps need to be redone to allow for them to use the newer versions of Vbox. Cosmology and LHC have done that but NanoHub has not so has problems.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Message: VM VM Hypervisor failed to enter an online state in a timely fashion (Message 608)
Posted 21 Aug 2020 by mikey

I am trying to get nanoHub@Home working without the given error message "Posponed: VM Hypervisor failed.....".

Are you still using this Virtualbox 5.2.8 to execute their WU's?

If you are getting that message than your VB version is too new
9) Message boards : Number crunching : How do I get my pc to run more than one task at a time? (Message 444)
Posted 8 Oct 2019 by mikey
I'm running Windows with Boinc 17.14.2 with VBox 5.2.8 and only 1 workunit runs at a time, even if I suspend every other Project NanoHub still only runs 1 wu at a time!
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Why do I not receive any Tasks? (Message 442)
Posted 7 Oct 2019 by mikey
I have win 10 PC i7 32Gb mem and have Virtualbox 5.2.8.

But have never received any tasks. I do see there are no tasks to send out atm but there are a lot in progress.

I guess it is all CPU tasks and none for GPU. My projects preferences does have CPU tasks ticked.

Do I need to load an OS in Virtualbox?

I am not really sure how Virtualbox gets used for the virtualisation.

Just now I see there is an update to take Virtualbox to ver 6. Will this still be compatible for the project?

If you loaded Boinc with VBox that's all you need.

And yes ver of VirtualBox does work as there are people using it and getting credits

Not all Projects do though so Boinc loads VirtualBox ver 5.2.8 and that is working for me.
11) Questions and Answers : Windows : WU's Marked as MT WU's ? (Message 75)
Posted 18 Nov 2018 by mikey
Received some Wu's yesterday that said they were MT Wu's, problem is they were running 8 at a time on a 8 Core CPU in HT Mode. System was completely bogged down to the point I had to keep rebooting it to get it to run. Finally just deleted them all to keep the system running other Projects ...

Windows Pro 64 Bit with Intel 3700K CPU ...

Change Boinc to only run at 99% of the available cpu's and you will have one for you to use the pc and one to keep the gpu fed and crunching as fast as it can.
Go into Boinc Manager, options, computing preferences, computing tab then the top box. On my laptop I have it set at 75% so it only crunches with 6 of the 8 cores but on my desktops I have it set to 99%. Be sure to click save at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

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