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1) Message boards : News : Running again (Message 721)
Posted 19 Jun 2021 by Fardringle
I have only seen an excessively high error rate in tasks on two of my computers. One was a mobile Xeon laptop and the other a third gen i7 laptop that constantly overheats so it doesn't do much of anything very well. I don't know why, but it just wasn't able to complete any tasks successfully on the Xeon no matter what I tried. It runs everything else very well.

On my other computers, as long as I limit the number of tasks in progress so that the running tasks have enough RAM available (about 3GB per task), they have been completing about 80-90% of their tasks successfully. That's certainly not perfect since I can't use 100% of the CPU power, but it's not really a terrible completion rate. That rate is going down a bit now that we are just re-running tasks that someone else already failed, but it's still staying above 70% or so for me on the two computers that I currently have running the project (Ryzen 9 3900X and Intel i7-8700). I did get pretty good success on several other older computers, but they are just too slow and don't have enough RAM to do it efficiently so they are working on other projects instead of this one.

Unfortunately, that does mean that anyone trying to run the project without closely paying attention to it isn't going to have much success. An announcement from the admins explaining the system requirements for each batch of tasks would definitely be helpful.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 machines, thousands of WU's, 10 credit in 36 hours. What's wrong? (Message 712)
Posted 22 Apr 2021 by Fardringle
There are still some bad resends being issued, but there is also a decent amount of good new work available again, so the ratio of good to bad work units should improve dramatically.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 machines, thousands of WU's, 10 credit in 36 hours. What's wrong? (Message 705)
Posted 18 Apr 2021 by Fardringle
All of my recent failed tasks were failed by at least one other person previously. That's why I said they are re-sends. And the project is out of work now so it's only sending back out tasks that have failed or that are aborted/reset.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 machines, thousands of WU's, 10 credit in 36 hours. What's wrong? (Message 703)
Posted 17 Apr 2021 by Fardringle
The project was actually running quite well for the first few days after new work became available, but it appears that all of the tasks that failed previously are being sent out again now, and almost everything is failing at this point since there aren't any more good tasks.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Export statistics (Message 579)
Posted 16 Jul 2020 by Fardringle
Still no answer, and no stats export, so it does seem that the admin(s) don't care...
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : Cannot upload tasks (Message 521)
Posted 29 Dec 2019 by Fardringle
I ran nanoHUB for a while some time ago but stopped due to very high error validation ratios at the time. I decided to give the project another try a few days ago and was able to download plenty of work. However, my computer is not able to upload any results. I currently have almost 200 completed tasks sitting in the Upload queue, all of them with the status of "Upload: pending (project backoff: 1:42:10) (with different time stamps on most of them). The project server status link shows no errors or problems on any of the server systems so I'm not sure why the project won't let my computer upload these completed tasks..

I am running BOINC client version 7.14.2 on Windows 10 64-bit.

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