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Posted 10 Jun 2019 by ChristianVirtual
Other BOINC projects have reported some successes for users who restart the client after seeing the "VM Job unmanageable" message. Restrict your client to 1 or 2 WUs at a time to conserve disk space.

Disk space is not my main problem; but overall “compensation” with ~280PPD is ; in case of no failures.

And the fact that before my reboot the system load was in a way that some WCG WUs failed due to resource issues. Maybe because piling up VM zombies. Never had issues with that.

But that overall for me is a reason to “abort” tasks (as you asked in OP) it I experience negative impact on system when ever i try again.
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Posted 10 Jun 2019 by ChristianVirtual
VBoxManage: error: The VM session was aborted
VBoxManage: error: Details: code NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005), component SessionMachine, interface ISession
Waiting for VM "boinc_0b0bb805c10c8b7e" to power on...

That one is the main reason, added an app_config with max 6 instances and try if it get better, also rebooted the box before. But this error actually is after the reboot so not very hopeful it will fix.

Any chance to dump the vbox experience and go native ?
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Posted 10 Jun 2019 by ChristianVirtual
I get "Postponed: VM Job unmanageable", "NS_SYSTEM_FAILURE" during start; 7000 WU and 8000 credits; huge disk space consumption .... Often I see runtimes of 200seconds and wonder: what the heck is it doing and can it be worth anything.... really struggle to get the meaning of this project (yes, sorry, I sound negative).

What can I do get it running better on my EPYC 24/48 with 128GB RAM and CentOS ?
4) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : macOS with VB for guests (Message 182)
Posted 1 Feb 2019 by ChristianVirtual
Is it possible to extend the settings in the backend to enable also macOS with a running VB environment to receive work units ?

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