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Posted 1 Aug 2020 by stratos412
I have enable virtualization in BIOS, but I still get these errors. All PCs have virtualization enabled. I can see it both in BIOS features and Windows Task Manager
Linux machine seems to be doing better in this project than the Windows machines... (I can't figure why...)
Anyway, I will try a few more work units and see what's going on.

Thanks guys!
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Posted 26 Jul 2020 by stratos412
Hello to the community.

I am running nanohub at three different PCs (2 Windows machines and 1 Linux machine) and most of the work units end with errors.

Win7 64-bit OS (boinc2docker v1.12 vbox64_mt windows_x86_64):
All units end with errors

Win10 64-bit OS:
No available units (Don't know why. It's an i5 Intel core with VM installed)

Linux Mint Ulyanna OS 64-BIT (boinc2docker 1.12 vbox64_mt):
I have encountered a strange issue here. If I choose ONE BY ONE project to run, when it's finished uploading and then reporting, everything is fine. I can choose the next project and repeat the steps (wait until finish and reporting and then choose next project).
If I choose multiple projects to run one after another then units failed. Either the first or the second project stuck at 100% running and never ends after 2 or 3 hours, or most of the projects finish and reporting with errors.

Is it anything I can do on my end?
It is very frustrating to run a unit, leave the machine and then after 2-3 hours check that unit stuck at 100% and still seems to run (cpu usage of boinc is almost 0%, so I suppose that nothing is running).

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