6 Different Scissors Every Sewers Must Have

6 Different Scissors Every Sewers Must Have

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When you enter into the field of sewing then you will get to know so many things which are absolutely new to you. One of those confusing things you are going to use is scissors. Definitely, you must be thinking what is so confusing about scissors? But in sewing, there is just not one scissor but 6 different scissors you can use for the different projects.

All these scissors have different functions and you will get to know these today in our blog. Now at the time of using the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners, you must know which scissor you should use for sewing specific projects. Other than scissors if you want to know about the sewing machines as well then visit CraftsSelection.com Best Sewing Machine Reviews to buy the best sewing machine for starters.


Tailor Scissor:

These tailor scissors are short in size and usually, the recommended size is 5”. If you are preparing a quilt or craft then this scissor is the right choice for your project. These scissors are also helpful when it comes to cut heavy-duty fabric and for thick leather. The smaller length of the scissor is easy to use and you can also keep it in your bag while traveling.

Tailor scissor has sharp blades so it’s better to take precautions when you are using it and focus on cutting. Basically, keep this scissor for the quilting project for the instant cutting. Tailor scissors must be in your sewing box so you can it anywhere. Different scissors must show your professionalism and knowledge about the sewing as well.

Applique Scissors:

Applique scissor is sharp from the point and narrow from the front side. These scissors are an ideal match for the applique work when you have to cut the fabric near the applique area and also this scissor used for rug making. The blades of this scissor are narrow and won’t block your view when you are cutting the motifs or pattern at the time of doing applique.

The shape of the scissor pushed the layer at the back and will cut the desired part of the fabric. The shape of the handle is also suitable to hold and designed by keeping the shape and pressure of the hand in the mind. It also controls the cuts of the fabric. Applique is quite a delicate work and for that, you need to use the scissor which is delicate too.

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Dressmaking Shears:

This scissor is usually long in size and you can witness this scissor at the industrial sewing desk. This is the scissor usually use to cut the fabric in bulk due to the sharp blade and instant cutting function. The one tip of the scissor is sharp to cut the scissor while the other tip of the scissor is blunt to save the thread and appearance of your fabric from ruining.

The length which is recommended from our side is 7”-9” for the cutting. This scissor is also ideal when you have to so many layers of the fabric at one time. You can cut several things of one shape in one go and it will save your time of cutting. Dressmaking shears must be in your toolkit.

Along with the best entry level sewing machine and tailor scissors, dressmaking shears will help you sew better and save more time. Choose good entry level sewing machines for beginners from top rated manufacturers like Brother or Singer.


Pinking Shears:

So if you want to cut something into the zigzag then this scissor is the right choice. Pinking shears got zigzag blades to cut the sides of the fabric into the zigzag shape. You can easily use any kind of stitches on it or you can save your fabric from cutting wrong. You can fold the sides of the zigzag and start stitching to keep the check on the straight line.

The design of the scissor is bent so it’s easy to use on the table and you can do it on a flat surface. This scissor also saves the fabric from unraveling the seams and from ruining the appearance. This scissor is suitable for small and thin projects.

All-Purpose Scissors:

All-purpose scissor is something you can see usually on the shops of tailor which is big in size and a little heavy. This scissor doesn’t come in handbag size and it’s usually a non-fabric cutting scissor. It can cause little problems when you are cutting a piece of fabric from it so it’s not recommended for major projects but you can start cutting your beginning stage things from this scissor.

If you are not aware of the scissor functions and you don’t know much about the sewing scissors then it’s recommended to read about them and also use these scissors on the rough patches to understand the function of each and every different scissors. For professional projects, it’s recommended to use sharp blades to get avoid any major problem.

Embroidery Snips:

Embroidery snips are different in shape as compared to the normal scissor because they are more like forceps and usually not made for cutting the fabric. These snips get used in the embroidery work and if you are planning to attempt one then keep this in your toolbox. These snips are designed to keep the tip of the scissors close to the fabric to cut the desired thread and design.

Embroidery snips are narrow and small in size. These snips are essential when it comes to embroidery work and when you are a beginner practice the work of it. You can also use this scissor for the cover stitch work but first, you need to understand the mechanism of the machine.

For the best machine you should first read the best cover stitch machine reviews and for more information visit Which is The Best Coverstitch Machine Reviews to read our top rated coverstitch sewing machines buying guides.


Scissors are an important part of your work and to get success in sewing you must know how to first deal with the cutting part. Practice cutting daily in your routine to master this skill and to step into the professional world.

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