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For the best part of a decade now, the Christmas Eve gift box has been a staple of American Christmases, with children (and indeed also adults) being treated to some festive stocking filler type gifts the day beforehand. The aim of this modern age festive tradition is to help to get everyone in a festive mood for Christmas Day the following day. A traditional Christmas Eve gift box would include festive themed gifts such as Christmas pyjamas and maybe a Christmas Film to watch with the family at night before going to bed and waiting for Santa Claus to arrive with a sack full of presents!

The Christmas Eve gift box has been a regular sight across Northern America for quite a while now and has managed to establish itself as a staple of a family's preparations for Christmas Day. The belief is that it helps to get families, and especially the younger Children, even more excited for Christmas Day. Christmas Eve was generally seen as a day lacking in notorious traditions, and no doubt the marketing industry saw a fantastic opportunity to make more money out of it. Now as it has taken over, there is an endless amount of businesses claiming to be the best place to buy a Christmas Eve gift box from. However, from this increased demand and in turn consequent industry competitiveness, comes a more expansive consumer choice for customers. Fantastic features such as personalised gift boxes allow customers to make their Christmas Eve boxes an even more unique experience for those around them.

Now as this tradition has begun to grow leaps and bounds within the United Kingdom, the Christmas Eve box is very much a part of the Christmas festivities in 2018. Being a tradition still in its early infancy, there are a lot of questions being raised around the new Christmas Eve boxes trend within the United Kingdom. For instance, there is a concern among parents about the effect that this tradition will have on their children.

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