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6 since the first VR adult scene filmed and now we are getting pretty close to a deep immersive experience. Resolutions are now higher than ever and the techniques to produce videos has got pretty decent. Studies suggest that any experience in VR is much more positive compared to watching in 2D.


Virtual Reality porn content is making some big steps, as it is now able to sync with toys like fleshligh. You get to experience the video in a new way that transports you with your favorite model face to face. The next step is to enable the heptic technology, that is developed. Still a long way until there. But, if you consider that a few years ago most scenes were 2D and filmed from a third person perspective (voyeur) and now you have VR POV scenes that syncs with your favorite toy... It is a huge step.

If you are wondering 'where can I find the best VR porn scene?', the answer is pretty simple. VRSelector has this public poll, where genuine users vote their favorite VR porn websites. Along with that, you can check on their video section the best trailer scenes produced by the top studios. These are free to watch. But, if you will want to see the full scenes we recommend you follow the rules of ethical porn and pay for that content. A monthly or yearly subscription is low compared to the cost of a top VR device.


If you are in a relationship you might want to consult with your partner. VR is another ball game. While some don't consider as cheating watching 2d porn, it is not the same with VR. So, ideal you want that both of you are ok with this new toy. But, keep in mind that you might fight over who uses the device. While at it, you can take turns and enjoy together. While the partner is watching you can satisfy him with a blowjob. Same goes the other way around. Or if you are ok with it, you can go full penetration and see how it is.


The best part is that if you are in a long distance relation and you are both opened enough to use VR and teledildonics. Imagine satisfying your partner with a push of a button. Making their toy run between their legs, even if you are on the other end of the world. As long as you have an internet connection and the devices ready, you can have some really nice fun. Are you imagining it or are you already with your VR headset on?

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